Planning Process

Where are you Today in the Planning Process?

  • Have you asked anyone to serve as a Guardian, Conservator or Trustee?
  • Do you understand all the available government benefit programs for basic care and supervision?
  • Have you identified resources to fund the future needs of the person with special needs?
  • Do you have a properly drafted Special Needs Trust that will protect and manage assets provided for the person’s lifetime?
  • There are several types of Special Needs Trusts, is your trust the correct type for your intended purpose?
  • Do you have current Wills?       Does the Will name the person with special needs as a direct beneficiary?
  • Is the person with special needs named as a direct beneficiary in your life insurance, annuities, 401(k) or IRA?
  • Have monies been paid directly to the person with special needs from a structured settlement because of an accident or malpractice suit?
  • Is your Special Needs Trust approved for compliance with Social Security and Medicaid?
  • Have you made final arrangements for the person with special needs?
  • Have you met with relatives and friends to let them know about your plan?
  • Have you reviewed your plan in the last year?
  • Do you feel you have done everything possible for your person with special needs to ensure their supervision, security, care and quality of life?