The Need to Plan

The Need To Plan For Today And Tomorrow

Special Needs Planning is a greater necessity today than ever before. Planning plays an important role in the daily living of the person with special needs, as well as planning for when the primary care providers are no longer able to care for them.

You wouldn’t go out for an evening and not make sure that whoever is caring for your loved one with special needs knows what to do, how to do it, and how to reach you in an emergency. What would happen today if you were unable to provide care for an extended period of time or permanently. To do less would be risking the peace of mind of everyone involved.

Proper planning speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. If there is no information for the care of the person with special needs or the proper documents are not prepared those who take over the care of your son, daughter or other loved one are going to have a difficult time trying to figure things out.

Advances in medical and social treatment for people with developmental disabilities have increased their life expectancy. Greater longevity for the person with special needs creates a greater need for parents or caregivers to do proper planning. Planning that incorporates daily routines and needs as well as future financial needs.

The future guardianship of your child with special needs is a planning issue to discuss now. The law provides for all people who reach age 18 to be considered an adult. This means parents no longer have legal authority on behalf of their child, even though they may have special needs. This can be remedied with the proper planning. Parents need to know their legal options for continuing to provide the appropriate care and supervision for their child. However, if family members do not make provisions for the supervision, care and security of the person with special needs the courts will make important decisions regarding guardianship, trustees and distribution of assets.

“On a personal note I want to thank you for all of the guidance that you have given me over the years. I also want to be sure that you are aware that you have made a big difference in the lives of so many families with a loved one with disabilities and their Special Needs Planning. Your dedication to this issue has helped improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our world.” Brad Doyle