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The ABC's of Special Needs Planning Made Easy

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R E A D   W H A T   O T H E R S   H A V E   S A I D . . .

“What magnificent work. I am absolutely thrilled that I’ll be seeing this on the bookshelves. I will finally be able to refer something great to the millions of people who need it. Truly, truly, thank you for writing this book. The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning Made Easy is an outstanding guide for parents and professionals who are providing future planning services to those with extra challenges and their families. You will reach for this invaluable book again and again. Thank you Bart Stevens for sharing your practical advice, experience and wisdom with all of us.”


Judith Loseff Lavin, author of SPECIAL KIDS NEED SPECIAL PARENTS: A Resource for Parents of Children With Special Needs

“Having known Bart for several years, we have always appreciated his writings and guidance in future planning. As parents of a child with a disability and as professionals working with the special needs population, we have found Bart’s work to be inspirational and informative. This step-by-step book turns a vital and complicated process into a workable course of action. The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning Made Easy will be an invaluable resource for our firm and our clients.”


Gregory M. Zibricky, CFP, ChFC, CLU - President
C. Dawn Zibricky, RN, MS, CSN - Special Needs Consultant
The Provider Group, Ltd., Burr Ridge, Illinois

“Bart has succeeded admirably in the difficult task of writing an indispensable handbook for parents to understand and effectively complete a complex process. His style is clear and easy to understand with his step-by-step process. This book clearly defines not only how to protect your special needs child today, but for life. A ‘must read’ for every parent with a child with special needs.”


Judee Samuels Podvin
University of Central Florida - Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, Orlando, Florida

“As an attorney and the father of a child with special needs, The ABC’s of Special Needs Planning Made Easy contained all the information I needed in order to prepare the most secure and comfortable future plan for my daughter. I would encourage both families and professionals in this Field to read this excellent book."


Jeffrey R. Feller, Attorney At Law, Feller Law Offices, Phoenix, Arizona

 “This book is more than just another guide on planning for the future. It is easy to understand and is full of great examples. Bart covers all of the major issues for families to do future and special needs planning. I have added this book to my ‘must read’ list for families. Most families don’t like to think about the time when Mom and Dad are no longer there to care for their loved one with special needs. But this book helps a family walk through this process. And, let’s face it, no one offers the level of care that Mom and Dad does, but with good detailed planning, parents can rest assured that their child will receive quality care. Bart addresses the true quality of life concerns that all families face on a daily basis. I personally believe that Bart is on a mission to ensure that all families with special needs children complete high quality planning for the future. This book and The Special Needs Planning Workshop, are the tools that every family needs to achieve their planning goals.”


Craig C. Stoxen, President & CEO
South Carolina Autism Society, Columbia, South Carolina

“I first met Bart Stevens in February 2002 when I flew to Phoenix to meet with him and attend his seminar. Our meeting was the culmination of a six-month long search, looking for answers to a very personal special needs situation. The search began as a result of my brother’s death from a freak mountain bike accident. During the process of settling his affairs, which involved an adult child with special needs from a previous marriage, it was discovered that the planning protocols in place, were the exact opposite of what was required in circumstances involving a special needs child. Fortunately, Bart possessed the expertise that was not readily available in my local estate planning or legal community. As a financial advisor myself, I still needed assistance and am grateful for Bart’s caring and professionalism.”


Wally Pihl
The Planning Group, Half Moon Bay, California

“My husband and I had the pleasure and fortune of meeting Bart at our State’s annual Autism Conference. At first we were skeptical about the subject matter and topic of conversation. Who wants to think about passing away? Furthermore, why should we start planning when our child is only four years old? The subject matter aroused our curiosity. Perhaps we could learn something new.

We decided to attend Bart’s presentation and it turned out to be one of the smartest investments of time that we could have ever made for our daughter, who has autism, as well as for our two other children.

Bart presented the subject matter in an easy-to-follow, understandable format. We were shocked and surprised to learn about how deeply our child could be affected by our passing away without the proper preparations. Following his presentation, we immediately consulted with Bart for help in preparing our Special Needs Trust, along with our attorney. Since the completion of our Trust, we feel as though a large weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We find comfort in the fact that in the event of our passing, our child will be well cared and provided for, thanks to Bart’s assistance in planning.”


Cheryl A. Bauerle, Vice Chair
South Carolina Autism Board of Directors, Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina